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RS2013_1020_thumbFrom October 20, 2013. Consider raising awareness of your band’s brand by distributing free samples. Examples of this strategy can be seen here.

From March 16, 2013. Automation of certain tasks can result in a more professional performance. Click here for a demonstration of a suite of devices designed to help with this automation.


From April 14, 2012. Usually it’s good news when a sizable crowd turns out for your show. Sometimes it is not. Click here to see why.

Rock School turned Twenty Years Old in July of 2012. Hard to believe. Here’s a strip to commemorate the occasion.


From April 17, 2011. The product shown in this strip will enhance your ability to provide your audience with a positive listening experience.


From January 15, 2010. Here’s a strip about the importance of selecting a good publicity photo when promoting upcoming shows.

From March 21, 2010. As the Professor says, “In times of economic strife, it is necessary for you and your band to exercise Frugal Practices!” Click here to see the strip.

From May 23, 2010. Some bands are so popular that their set lists are taken by members of the audience. Here’s the strip.


From March 21, 2009. Due to the fact that bands play at high volumes, earplugs are recommended. This installment features swear words and potty-related content.

From August 22, 2009. When sharing a microphone with your bandmate, you must be prepared to perform equally – in more ways than one. Click here to see the strip.


From April 17, 2008. The Professor advises, “As you travel through your life in Rock, you may find yourself compensating for certain deficiencies.” Click here to see this strip.


November 17, 2007. This strip (which has “mature content” and swear words) demonstrates how bands might celebrate the holidays in a manner that is both thrifty and fun!

From October 20, 2007. Creative measures are required when elbow room in your practice space is at a premium. Click here to see.


From February 17, 2006. When performing in busy urban areas parking can be at a premium. Click here to see the strip.

From March 17, 2006. Some clubs will compensate bands with drink tickets. Here is a cautionary tale.


From February 22, 2005. Your band may find opportunities to perform in unlikely places. Click here to see an example.

From March 23, 2005. Your rehearsal space has the potential to suffer from environmental disasters. The strip is here.


From January 19, 2004. Your band image will benefit greatly from the utilization of Mirror Face. This strip has swearing.


From April 22, 2003. There are some who have been rocking for years, if not decades. Learn to identify those who have achieved “Geezer” status. The strip is here:

From August 20, 2003. The Professor provides “a few foot challenging situations to watch out for” in this toilet-referencing strip.


From April 22, 2002. There is an extent to which every band’s routine resembles an athletic competition. Click here to see the strip.

From May 20, 2002. This strip (which has swearing) addresses the time-honored question: What are the Roots of Rock? Where did it all begin? The answer is here.


From August 21, 2001. As the Professor says, “In today’s marketplace, an industrious and resourceful band can release its own CD.” The magazine in this strip (Rock Rag) may or may not be inspired by The Noise, the magazine Rock School has appeared in for so many years. The strip is here.

From November 26, 2001. There are a number of Rock School strips with a holiday theme, including this one.


From September 25, 2000. Having a girlfriend can be a wonderful thing – especially when she’s rich. Click here to see the strip.

From October 23, 2000. There may come a time when your band is unfavorably reviewed in the press. Consider carefully how best to respond. Click here to see.

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