Rock vs. Art vs. Rock

From 2023: Sometimes the realm of Rock overlaps with the realm of Art. Carefully consider ways in which you might successfully achieve such an overlap when necessary.

Free Samples

From October 20, 2013. Consider raising awareness of your band’s brand by distributing free samples of your product.

October 20, 2013 Free Samples

Okay, here’s an actual strip from 2013

From March 16, 2013. Automation of certain tasks can result in a more professional performance. Here’s a demonstration of a suite of devices designed to help with this automation.

March 16, 2013 iFingers

Long Strip


Did you know that Rock School appears in a Boston area music mag called The Noise? In print?  The March edition is online only. Here’s the 2012 comic, in case you were wondering.

3/4/2013 Comic

New Product!


This product will surely revolutionize the performing arts, not to mention rock shows everywhere. Any manufacturers looking for a piece of the action?

1/25/2013 Mobile Monitor

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