I posted a few Rock School comics in single panel form, so I guess I should post a few “dailies” as well. Newspapers are probably not long for this world, but as long as there are newspapers there will be daily comic strips. Comic strips are licensed to the newspapers via syndicates. Maybe the syndicates should license Rock School! I mean, how can newspaper readers resist a comic like this?

Oftentimes, daily strips feature a single theme for an entire week. So I’d need to come up with a bunch of strips based on the same idea…

Pretty hilarious, right? Maybe you disagree. How about this one, then?

Having a theme that lasts for five days makes the job easier in some ways. If you can think of one gag about the theme, how hard can it be to think of a few more? Being a syndicated cartoonist would be easy!

I’m sure the folks from the syndicates, who are probably all reading this right now, can’t wait to sign Rock School to their roster. Let the bidding war commence!

On the other hand, I think I still prefer the larger format showcased in the Comics area of this site. (But if any of you syndicate folk need some Rock-related comics in your stable of strip offerings, you know where to find me.)