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Here are a few animations from the old Rock School site. These are from the days of low bandwidth – low frame rates, low res, low everything. They won’t play on most mobile devices, including iPhones/iPads. And I can’t get WordPress to display the really ancient stuff from pre-Flash days.

Theme from Rock School
Theme from Rock School

All students, graduates, faculty, and employees of Rock School are required to memorize this alma mater song. The Theme from Rock School (© Heartworm Music, BMI) is emotional, and may bring a tear to the eye. Oh, and it has swearing.


Using Your Status As A Band Member To Score
Using Your Status as a Band Member to Score

From September, 1999. One of the fringe benefits of playing in a band is that members of the opposite sex will automatically find you desirable.


Song writing is hard work. It requires creativity, discipline, persistence, and plenty of rest. Use Rock School’s Song-O-Mater to hone your song writing skills.” From May, 2000. This activity was inspired by the Jam-O-mater (currently defunct due to outdated file format).

The Importance Of Good Fan Relations
From July 1999. Although your goal is to appeal to fans on a musical level, you may have to connect on a more personal, one-on-one basis. This lesson features the voice of Brian Dewan as The Fan.


  • Prince MoonKuchen (14 years)

    haha … fist visited the site wehn i was 15 now i m 24 ^^ never thought you would be there still mean while i learned to play guitar ^^

  • randy (13 years)

    hey Crispin, my name is Randy,old friend and band mate(the Sane) with Ray N(rip)..do you have a collection of all your old ,rock school animations,,would love to score a copy


    • CWood (13 years)

      Hey Randy – good to hear from you. The animations need reformatting in order to play well on WordPress. Some of them are so old I can’t even open them. But I’ll definitely put a few more up in this section of the site at some point.

  • drr (13 years)

    So, I guess the Jam-O-Mater is gone? And the one where you hunt for the bathroom? I think about that whenever I have to hunt for a bathroom.

    • CWood (13 years)

      The Jam-O-Mater is so old it doesn’t play too well in current browsers. The Gotta-Take-A-Whiz-A-Thon might still work though. I’ll check it out.

  • Judgepuncher fan (13 years)

    Why not convert the old animations to videos, post them on YouTube, and embed that?

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