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New Product!


This product will surely revolutionize the performing arts, not to mention rock shows everywhere. Any manufacturers looking for a piece of the action?

1/25/2013 Mobile Monitor

Okay, Another Product


How hard could it be to manufacture this product? (Real products coming soon, by the way. Products of the “merch” variety.)

The Applause-O-Tron


Gee, guess it might be time to put a 2011 strip in the comics section. It’s about yet another Rock School product. You can read it there, or…¬†you can read it right here:

Another Product


Okay, how about this one? Who’d like to manufacture this product and take it to market?

Rock School Product


Any manufacturers/distributors out there? This is a golden opportunity. Rock School will be happy to endorse the manufacture and distribution of this product in exchange for, say, 25% of the gross?

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